Terms of Service
By subscribing to or using 1VPN you're agreeing to these rules:
1. "You" refers to you, the person using our services. "We" or "Our" refers to 1VPN, including everyone who works with us.
2. Don't use our service to hack, attack, or scan other computers or networks.
3. Don't send out viruses, worms, trojans, etc.
4. Don't attack our servers.
5. Don't use our service for illegal sharing, like pirated content.
6. Don't send spam or any other unwanted messages.
7. Child pornography is strictly forbidden.
8. No criminal activities, including using stolen financial information.
9. Don't use our service for phishing or identity theft.
10. Don't support or do anything related to terrorism or criminal acts.
11. Don't threaten or harass others.
12. Don't run programs that could affect our service for others.
13. Your account is just for you; don't share it, and you're responsible for what happens with it.
14. Don't use a stolen credit card to pay for our services.
15. Don't try to sell or resell our service without our permission.
16. Our service is offered "as is" without any guarantees. We're not responsible for any issues or losses you might face while using our service.
17. We can't promise service speeds or uninterrupted service and aren't liable for any issues or losses from using our service.
18. We're not responsible for any damages from using our service.
19. If there's a problem, the most we'll refund is what you paid us, not including legal costs.
20. We can change these terms. We'll let you know about major changes by posting on our website and emailing current customers. If you don't agree with the changes, stop using the service before the new terms apply. If you keep using the service, you agree to the new terms. Disputes will follow the terms that were in effect when the dispute happened.
21. By agreeing to these terms, you're entering a binding agreement with us.
22. If you break these rules, we can end your service immediately without warning or refund.